Dasha Che & Suvi Tuominen

Dasha Che and Suvi Tuominen are a performance artist duo currently based in Helsinki, Finland. Both Che and Tuominen have established practices in the field of dance and performance art. Che is also a queer artivist, and Tuominen a theoretical archaeologist. In their collaboration, Che and Tuominen seek ways to destabilise conceptual and aesthetic processes through practices, such as dis/oriented movement, improvised dialogues, free-writing and time-wasting. Che and Tuominen also work with philosophical, scientific and fictional texts through which they formulate a messy operational vocabulary to their artistic projects.

During the residency we explore sinking as a carnal mode of resistance in the time of neoliberal work conditions. Instead of formulating a rigorous artistic response to any contemporary hyper object we sink into procrastination, drifting and withdrawal. Through our daily sinking practices in the residency we linger in uncertainty, hesitation and confusion. Sinking becomes a process of finding unstable bodily postures that lead into thinking otherwise. At the residency we will research these modalities as something that will lead to future performances possibly unfolding unfamiliar terrains and going against familiar affects.