Daniela de Paulis

De Paulis´ artistic practice and research are both focusing on contemporary cities and their spatial meanings. Her practice aims to transform pre-existing spaces through a physical and conceptual engagement with the space/place itself. In de Paulis´ recent works she has been looking at spaces of compression, using carton containers as moulds for white sculptures. Her performance-installations often involve the use of ink, building material, paper and paint as extensions of the body-material towards the surrounding space.

During her residency Daniela de Paulis will participate in the international performance festival amorph06 cover up. The festival is organized by Artists´ Association MUU and takes place at various locations in Helsinki during 13. – 20. 8. 2007.


London, UK


2005-2006 Greenwich University, London, UK. I am currently completing a Postgraduate Certificate in Education in Art and Design.

2003 Dartington College of Arts, South Devon, UK. I complete a Master Degree in Visual Performance. My final dissertation researches on contemporary cities and how they are shaped by computer technologies.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands. As part of an Erasmus exchange I spend six months at the SNDO (School for New Dance Development). Here I start working with digital video and performance.

1998-2001 Jerwood Space, GDA and Chisenale Dance Space, London, UK. I study different Contemporary Dance techniques. I study Movement Improvisation, Contact Improvisation, Body Mind Centering amongst others.

1993-1997 Rome, Italy. I complete a Diploma in Fine Arts at the ‘Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma’ specializing in Painting. My final dissertation is a critical study of Shu Takahashi’s work, contemporary Japanese painter and pioneer of the Abstractism in Italy.

1992-1993 Rome, Italy. I study at the ‘Facolta di Architettura, Universita’ La Sapienza di Roma’.


2006 Artist in residence at HIAP, Helsinki, Finland I spend two months as artist in residence in the Cable Factory in Helsinki, working on my solo exhibition Invisible Cities, to be shown as part of the festival Amorph 06! At the MUU Gallery in Helsinki, between August and September 2006.

Mode 1 Architects, London, UK. I am collaborating as artist consultant with architect Dominic Hailey from Mode 1 Architects for the design of an Art Centre to be opened in 2008 in Commercial Road, London. The design is based on an existing warehouse which is going to be converted into a building hosting a gallery, studios and living spaces for artists.

2005-2006 Barking College, Romford (London), UK. I am teaching Art and Design in Further Education. I am currently teaching BTEC First and Introductory Diploma in Art and Design. The project I am exploring with the students, aged between 16 and 21, is the creation of an utopian city built out of carton boxes and inspired by science fiction films. The installation making will include some sound experiments.

2004-2005 TRAID, London. I worked for a charity specialized in customized clothing. I realize window/installation displays in the Brixton shop. Making displays for a shop means for me interacting with the environment that surrounds the shop, both culturally and socially. My displays are realized with recycled materials (cartons, fabric) and invite to think rather then to buy.

2004 DanceBase, Edinburgh,Scotland. I presented ‘TetraPath’, an installation/performance followed by a lecture in which I illustrated my work with relation to the practice of some other contemporary artists interested in the urban discourse. This was part of a festival curated by British choreographer Anna Krzystek and whose aim was to enlighten possible relations between Choreography and other art forms.

2003 Dartington College of Arts, UK. I showed ‘Walkscapes’, two site-specific installations as part of ‘Post’, the final MA platform. I also delivered a lecture and a workshop for BA Theatre students to illustrate how the installations ‘Walkscapes’ were conceived. The students had the opportunity to interact with the works while I was introducing them to the concepts of ‘Urban Margins and Entropic Landscape’.

2002 Dartington, UK. I showed ‘Oil on Can-Vase’, a time-based installation within the First Dartington International Arts Festival, featuring international visual and performer artists from Japan, Poland, Canada, France and curated by video artist Roger Bourke. This was my first work in ice and realized with TetraPak containers.

2001 London, UK. I performed in several venues (Hampton Court Palace, Shoreditch Town Hall, V&A Museum and Spitalfields Market) with ‘AZYGY’ a collective composed of visual, sound and performer artists, coordinated by Lauren Goode (Royal Academy of Arts). Within the group I created choreographic movement and I realized performance costumes with recycled materials such as paper and plastic and using alternative techniques to sewing.

2000 London, UK. I worked for ‘Art Desire Studio’ based in Berdmonsey, specialized in Public Art commissions. I realized wide mobile paintings to be installed in community halls within council estates in the Docklands area.