Daniel Malpica

Daniel Malpica is a writer, designer, publisher, translator and multimedia artist based in Helsinki. His most recent poetry books, Se escribre con X and Manuke Libre, have received support from the Finnish Arts Council (TAIKE) and the Kone Foundation.

As a multimedia artist and curator, Malpica has developed several transmedial projects in Europe, the Nordics, and Mexico. His productions include ‘Atlas. Lighting Codex’ which was presented at the Contemporary Art Museum Kiasma in Helsinki; and ‘Time to Deliver X3’ in collaboration with Japanese composer/sound poet Tomomi Adachi at Lettrétage in Berlin; among many others.

Between 2011 and 2014, Malpica was cofounder, editor and designer of Radiador Magazine. In 2022, Malpica was the artistic and technical director for the 10th anniversary of the Copenhagen Literature Festival, and, between 2019 and 2022, he was a member of the board of directors of the Finnish PEN.

My time at the residency will be focused in creative writing, literary translation and research, visual design and editorial practices.

One of the projects will consist on developing a publication intended to build transatlantic parallels between contemporary literature form Finland and Mexico; and two literary movements from both nations (the Finnish Modernism and the Mexican Stridentism) contextually intertwined by the values of its iconic literary magazines from the 1920’s:

1. Irradiador – Turning 100 years in 2023.

2. Ultra and Quosego – Turning 101 and 95 years in 2023, respectively

The other projects consist of writing poetry and refining some of my other transmedial productions. My practice often involves the exploration of graphic design as a literary discipline and its application into non-conventional setups.