Courtney Coombs

Courtney Coombs makes art, writes, facilitates and collaborates to make sense of the world and their place in it. They are fascinated by the potential for, and power of, connection and disconnection and explore this by re-imagining every-day and seemingly banal moments of encounter. Employing a queer methodology, their work adopts an array of materials and approaches, presenting subjective, vulnerable, and earnest moments, often by way of metaphor, to prompt different ways of seeing, understanding and being. Suspicious of the spectacle, Courtney offers gestural propositions with the hope of disrupting dominant narratives about value, prompting instead, moments of reflection, connection, and a celebration of difference.

I am very much looking forward to getting to know Helsinki’s story and people during my time at HIAP. In addition to engaging with the community, and undertaking research into the queer art history of Finland, I will also be continuing my explorations into the landscape (both natural and industrial), and exploring the potential for queer methodologies (such as abstraction) to assist in the articulation of experience and connection with both the local environment and its inhabitants.

Courtney Coombs’ residency is realised with support from The Australia Council for the Arts.