COLLABORATION_ is a non profit exhibiting project created in 2008 by six artist-colleagues who are connected to Munich. The current members of the group Leonie Felle, Beate Engl, Maximilian Geuter, Philipp Messner, Alexander Steig and Thomas Thiede have in common an idea of working together. The collaboration is two-fold: one, between the same artists working almost like a rock band travelling from place to place on an ad hoc international tour, coming together to gig now and again without the need to practice; and two, between the group and other artist groups in the cities in which they are been hosted. It’s an economic strategy – one individual’s network of friends and support structure become a support structure for the entire group. COLLABORATION_, through its conception and development, make it possible for other artists and curators to become part of the project and to continue it in their own way.