Chiku Komiya

Composer, Media Artist. Intending to explore new forms of music in the contemporary media environment and physicality, he uses a method that dares to make errors in the various music norms (notation, performance, listening, etc.).

Recently, he has presented works with both features of performance and installation in his solo exhibitions like Let me sing a strange song in Berlin, SEIRÊNES in Tokyo, and other opportunities, and he has created works interdisciplinary from acoustic music to electronic sound works, media performances, and installations.

He holds BA and MA degrees in Music and Composition from Tokyo University of the Arts.

I am considering creating a synthetic language between Japanese and Finnish using their phonetic similarities (for example, there are many same-sound words like “kani,” “kissa,” and “inari,” etc. between Japanese and Finnish, and like Japanese, Finnish distinguishes between long and short vowels and consonants) and producing its song.

There is a close relationship between song and language, and phonological and linguistic structures influence the structure of songs. The creation of a new synthetic language will also lead to the invention of new song forms.

Finally, Artificial voices and actual singers will sing these new songs.

Chiku Komiya’s residency is realised in the context of a collaboration between HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme, Finnish Cultural Foundation and TOKAS – Tokyo Art and Space.