ChihChung Chang

ChihChung Chang (b. 1986, TW) is an interdisciplinary artist/researcher with academic background in art materials and art conservation. He regards water as a medium penetrating from the inner to the outer worlds and embodying the unstable state of transition, flow and anti-subjectivity corresponding to his homeland Taiwan under subtropical monsoon climate. His practices deal with rapid-changing environments like ship, island, water and port, in which he tries to unveil the universal experiences and grey areas within the tensions amid human, civilization and nature constantly shaping each other.

Selected activities: Solastalgia (NP), The Arctic Circle (NO), Mediations Biennale (PL), Taiwan Biennial, Pan-Austro-Nesian Art Festival (TW), Biennale Jogja (ID), SMIFest (ES), ARKO A&T Festival (KR).

The project will dive into my reflections on the intersectional relationships between humans and the climate, which starts with a pair of Gore-Tex boots purchased in Svalbard, and revolves with personal insights on the deterioration of such petrochemical materials bond to the fabric manufacturing in Taiwan, and the thriving market of outdoor recreation in Scandinavia.

In the context of such hot and humid experience of my subtropical monsoon body in the Norwegian border town Kirkenes in summer 2023, it further argues the disqualification of “comfort” and reimagines the implied “ideal, habitable, and non-primitive” standardized climate civilization associated with the geopolitical concept of border/membrane and the regulated temperature and humidity under so-called air-conditioning. A question is raised whether this imagination also implies a kind of colonial or technocratic power scale that needs to be challenged.