Chen Hangfeng

Chen Hangfeng (b. 1974, Shanghai)

“I work in all media which deals with issues and problems of surrounding commercialization, environmentalism, globalization and cultural transmutation – often realised through playful metaphor. I merge concepts and mediums like an alchemist. I see artist as a present-day incarnation of ancient philosopher, artisan and literati.

During his time in Helsinki Chen Hangfeng is going to do an exhibition at Cable Gallery as a part of Lohikäärmeen aika – Time of Dragon exhibition at Rauma Art Museum. Both exhibitions are a result of Henna Paunu‘s curatorial residency in Shanghai on 2011, in the frame of Urban Studies program.

In Cable Gallery Chen Hangfeng will present a four channel video piece Scattered sceneries along Mei creek (2012). Located in china, the video work tells a story about a village that produces over half of China’s present day Christmas ornaments exports.