Charlotte Rahn

In her artistic practice Charlotte Rahn deals with the massification of pop-cultural imagery and the associated effects on social and ecological structures through social consumerism. Rahn takes up popular motifs and slogans from digital mass culture and transfers them painterly onto inflatable rubber objects and other plastic image carriers.

After graduating from the HfG Offenbach in 2020, she had several exhibitions and her first solo exhibition at the saasfee Pavillon in Frankfurt. Since 2020 she is active as a member of the collective KlimaKriseKlitoris and has already participated in a film and at an art and performance festival in Berlin.

My project deals with certain current social and socio-ecological phenomena with reference to pop cultural and mass media symbolism, on which I work in a painterly-sculptural way. Based on the principle of the idea of growth by means of the adaptive cycle that all ecosystems go through and which describes the four stages: growth, stagnation, crisis and reorganization, I am planning to realize a new series of works consisting of various objects and plastic image carriers.

Due to the durability and the associated problems of plastic, a concept of a possible future image of humans and nature is created within this work. The aim of this project is to create artworks for an exhibition at HIAP in which an exaggerated representation of the massification and simultaneous exhaustion of pop-cultural imagery in today’s consumer and throwaway society can be transported, thus also highlighting the consequences of the constant consumption and unsustainable of nature.

Charlotte Rahn’s residency is organised as part of the HIAP residency exchange programme in collaboration with Production and Exhibition Platform basis e.V, Frankfurt.