Ceylan Öztrük

Ceylan Öztrük opens up accepted forms of knowledge and focuses on how they were built in order to become the tools of power structures. She aims to break the flow of information in the mainstream with a multi-disciplinary approach.


I will develop a performance work where I try to combine orientalism with a perspective of heteronormativity. I mainly question the position of women and the writing of history. This will further a performance piece that I started in Tanzhaus Zürich. I will be researching, reading and writing about the related topics while composing the manifestation. My recent work is the continuation of the project Call Me Venus. This dance-lecture performance will also evolve as a film. The project aims to point out patriarchal transmutation of female figures and facts in history and exercise eliminating them. It questions how to banalize the male interpretation of the female body and dispel the heteronormativity with Venus figurines that will become strap-on dildos, a charged symbol for pleasuring the self and the other.—Ceylan