Caitlin Franzmann

Caitlin Franzmann is a Meanjin/Brisbane based artist who creates installations, participatory works and performances that explore ethics of learning with, and caring for, the environment. She is interested in understanding how histories and influencing forces of power and care, shape places, cultures and ecosystems. In reaction to the fast pace and sensory overstimulation of contemporary urban life, she invites people to slow down, gather, listen and contemplate interactions with their surroundings and with other living entities. Since 2018 Caitlin has worked with Ensayos, a collective research practice working on issues of political ecology in Tierra del Fuego and other archipelagos.

During my residency at HIAP, I will continue my research on the cultural and social values of peatland and forest ecosystems, broadening my lens to a European context. I’ll undertake field research within ecological restoration sites of Finland and Estonia and engage with scientists and local communities caring for these landscapes. Through interdisciplinary research, international exchange and collaborative making processes, I’ll experiment with new sound compositions and relational works that invite conversation about the significant threats to wetland and managed forest ecosystems globally and encourage curiosity around their health and vitality.

The residency is realised with the support of The Australia Council for the Arts.