Branislav Dimitrijević 

Branislav Dimitrijević (b.1967) is a Professor of History and Theory of Art at School for Art and Design (VŠLPU) in Belgrade. He is a specialist in art and film in socialist Yugoslavia and also regularly writes on relations of contemporary artistic practices and socio-political issues. He has been active as a curator and his projects include large contemporary art exhibitions including Good Life (Belgrade 2012), No Network (Konjic Nuclear Bunker, 2011), FAQ Serbia (New York, 2010), etc.

As a curator he is orientated towards ‘site-specific’ explorations of ‘physical narrativity’ of a location. He has been involved in a series of international educational and art projects and artistic and curatorial networks since the mid-1990s. For his biography, bibliography, list of curatorial projects and the selected texts please see the link. One of his activities and projects during his HIAP residency would be a temporary set-up of Free Cinema “Yugoslavia” on the island of Suomelinna during November 2015.

Branislav Dimitrijević has been invited by the Residency Fellow Programme at the Academy of Fine Arts funded by the Saastamoinen Foundation. Residency is implemented in co-operation with HIAP.