Bombina Bombast

Bombina Bombast is a Malmö based touring company of performing arts directed by Emma Bexelland Stefan Stanisic. Their transdisciplinary work investigate games, realities and perception, always with a focus on the participant in projects spanning theatre, film, virtual reality, video- walks and installation. Bombina Bombast explores the shift between realities and fictions. This shift, this field of tension, is where confusion and therefore renegotiations and agency appear.

Their work has been shown at among other CPH Stage (Denmark), CPH:DOX (Denmark), Blaue Frau’s Pop Up Art House (Finland), FestiBorg (Norway), and Experimental Room (Spain) and venues in Sweden including Orionteatern, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern and Södra teatern in Stockholm as well as Inkonst in Malmö.

Funded by: Swedish Arts Council, Skåne Regional Council and the Department of Culture in Malmö.

The residency time will be used to develop the performance The Dreambox that premieres at Inkonst, Malmö 18 December 2015. The Dreambox combines performing arts with virtual reality gear and Emma Bexell and Stefan Stanisic will use the time in Helsinki to create a dramaturgical concept and make the immersive films for the virtual reality headsets using a spherical camera.