Bokyung Jun

Bokyung Jun works with performance, video and installation to document the human body’s changes brought by the new technology. By way of heterogeneous couplings in places where humans and machines overlap and are out of joint, she explores the human being as heterogeneous beings that are constantly restructured through environment and the new sensations that it gives rise to.

During the HIAP residency, I will work on the ‘Abstract Machine’ project. When I mention “machine”, it does not literally mean the mechanical device. It has a broader meaning that indicates the relationship between human and environment including technology-robotics, AI, computing, etc.

In this project, I would like to investigate new technologies in Finland, see how they affect people in real life (emotionally and physically), and apply them to the bodies of dancers. At the moment, important is not simply the dichotomy of human and technology, but to find a way to coexist between human and non-human by learning and interpreting each other. I want to enrich the narrative of future existence by adding to it stories from the Finnish mythology portraying the coexistence of gods, humans, and animals.

The residency is realised in the context of a collaboration between HIAP, Finnish Cultural Foundation and SEMA Nanji.