Blanca Victoria López

Blanca Victoria López from Havana, Cuba graduated with honors from Havana University, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Art History from the Faculty of Arts and Philology. She is a researcher and curator at the Contemporary Art Center Wifredo Lam, and since 2011, she has been a member of the curatorial board of the Havana Biennial.

Blanca Victoria López’s residency is organised in the frame of Helsinki International Curatorial Programme (HICP) in partnership with Frame Contemporary Art Finland.

Curating for me, is more than researching, ending with concrete ideas and showing them as results in a particular artistic social event.

Curating is also a cultural experience, a translation of human behaviour. HIAP residency have gave me the chance to get into Finland´s real character, understanding the local idiosyncrasy about contemporary art practices and translate them, in order to show it in a different continent.

It is also an unique opportunity to get along with cultural agents from all over the world and to create strong networks and personal friendships. Been here for a month, working with artist living in Finland, exploring the chance of building bridges between Latin-America and this part of the world, has been one of the most intense experiences of my professional career and for sure, a very strong personal challenge. — Blanca Victoria López