Baran Çağinli

Baran Çağinli, born in Istanbul in 1990, is a contemporary artist currently based in Ankara. His art brings together several disciplines and societal themes, which address governmental and civic conflicts of power, identity issues such as ethnic discrimination, forced migration, and forced disappearances. The objects and people included in his works are often witnesses to an incident. Although these witnesses are shown within their local contexts, they also represent those in other geographical areas living under different regimes.

Baran’s residency is realized in the context of AR-Safe Haven Helsinki programme co-organised by Perpetuum Mobile and HIAP and funded by the City of Helsinki.

I will use my time on this residency to prepare for my next solo exhibition which will be accompanied by a workshop. In addition, I’m working on the final phase of my research project which has been going on for three years and it will be finished with the help of YLE’s archive. —Baran