Ayara Hernández Holz & Felix Marchand


Isn’t it odd enough to be on stage, in front of an audience? Do we need to represent someone or something to be someone else? Or is my being already transformed by being watched? Lupita Pulpo’s work is characterized by presenting a body informed by daily issues. The material, movement, texts, action comes from daily confrontation with the environment, walking to the supermarket, meeting some one, having a beer in a bar, watching TV, reading, sensing, doing.

Our Actions doesn’t imitated actions, we present “real activity in real time”.

We choose to work with the media of live performance, being conscious of its fragility, we don’t try to create a hero who doesn’t make mistake and is there to save something. The act of performing is an act of surviving.

We choose to work with the body as a main material. We are constantly confronted with new interpretations where the original source is distorted, enriched, and transformed into something else. New layers of a given subject or new variations of a theme are therefore created. Our movement language is on a constant transformative journey, where our creative history is informed by questions, success, failures, knowledge, instinct and engagement. As we write our own movements, we move our own text.

Text and movement have the same urgent, to provoke and therefore to communicate.


Ayara Hernández Holz was born in Mexico in 1976, but after 10 years of exile her family move back to Uruguay. She studied contemporary dance, composition and theatre in Uruguay, at E.D.D.C, European Dance Development Centre in Arnhem / Nederlands and with teachers like David Zambrano, Julyen Hamilton, Nienke Reedhorts among others. She worked as performer for Florencia Varela, Florencia Martinelli (Uruguay) Eszter Gal (Hungary), Ludger Orlok (Germany) y Liisa Pentii (Finland). She taught at in the University in Uruguay, at the meeting of Net of South American dance/RSD, Ponderosa, tanzland festival and in Berlin for professional dancers.

Felix Marchand was born in Germany in 1974. He studied at the Erika Klütz school (School for dance pedagogic) in Hamburg/Germany and at E.D.D.C, European Dance Development Centre in Arnhem / Netherlands. Since 2002 he works as a freelance choreographer and performer in Berlin. He worked with Marcus Grolle, Ludger Orlok, Thomas Lehmen, Martin Nachbar, Jochen Roller, Sommer Ulrickson, Silke Z. and Liisa Pentti, Wilhem & Groener and Ji-Hyun Youn. In October 2007 he starts his master in choreography in „SODA“ (solo dance authorship) in Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum in Berlin.

Since 2002 Ayara Hernández Holz and Felix Marchand are creating their own work, in colaboration as LUPITA PULPO. “Raw moments on the table”, “BOB (Bob original body)”, “ Mix tape” and “Blurry” among other performances have been presented in several events in South America and Europe, like Impulstanz (Vienna), Tanztage (Berlin), Escéna Contemporánea (Madrid).