Aurélie Pétrel

Aurélie Pétrel (b. 1980) graduated from the National School of Fine Arts (ENSBA), Lyon in 2006. She envisages photography as a field of the possible, through theory, experimentation and private commissions. She develops and renews a practice whichstimulates one’s view while at the same time questioning the processes of perception and representation of the real so as to better approach phenomena of abstraction. Permeable to technical devices, her work refers to the subject, the medium and the context which troublesan immediate reading and defines a hybrid space suspended between the image, its functionand its production. The fabrication of Aurélie Pétrel’s images refer to daily life, socioeconomic, political, geographic and/or historic realities and draws from the experience of numerous projects, residencies, commissions and the voyages that make up her careertodate.

Selected exhibitions: Bloo Gallery (Rome), Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Tokyo Wonder Site(Tokyo), Super Window Project / Muzz Program Space (Kyoto), Creative Union (Hiroshima), Round The Corner (Lisbonne), le Creux de l’Enfer (Thiers), Galeria Virgilio (São Paulo), Pilotenkuche (Leipzig), MAC Lyon (Lyon).

Aurélie Pétrel actively participates with five other founding members in the laboratory of artistic research A broken arm. She also is a lecturer and head of the Photo Department at the HEAD in Geneva.