Auguste Petre

Auguste Petre is a Latvian independent curator and researcher of art processes. She is currently working on her PhD project about younger generation Baltic artists.

Her interests mainly characterise relationships between art and politics, as well as expressions of artists born in the 1990s. Since 2017 Auguste Petre works as an art journalist, creating publications for international media, she has worked as Baltic Editor at and currently is a guest-lecturer at Latvian Academy of Culture and Art Academy of Latvia.

Auguste has curated more than 10 exhibitions, working with different generation Baltic artists, since 2019 she is the Programme director of “Riga’s Smallest art gallery” and co-creator of “Riga Smallest art auctions”.

During the residency I will continue working on my research project “NINETY ABOUT 90s”, that focuses on postsocialism realities within art practices of Baltic artists born in the 1990s.

This project is a socio-anthropological research on Baltic artists, which includes interviewing 90 participants from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia in order to find out how the unexperienced Soviet times and their childhood memories of fresh arrival of capitalism echo in their art practices, as well as creating a long-term group exhibition with the participation of younger generation Baltic artists.

The research phase that will take place in HIAP is important in order to understand the main issues and uniqueness of this artist generation that has grew up in the liberated Baltic states, but raised by ex-socialists. During this time I will closely work on creating concept for the group exhibition that will take place in 2024.