Aria Farajnezhad

Aria Farajnezhad (*1989) is a multidisciplinary artist and organizer with a background in engineering and a long-term engagement with rhythm and playing percussion. He is a sound and image examiner whose work encompasses various mediums, leaning towards speculative forensics. Farajnezhad was a 2023 fellow of WHW Akademija (Zagreb/Croatia), and between 2020-2022 he co-ran the project space Circa106 and co-initiated the platform Future Archives as part of the Zefak collective in 2020. Aria holds a Diploma from the faculty of fine arts at the University of Arts Bremen where he completed the Meisterschüler*innen program in 2022.

I bring with me ceramics that are drawn from the racist/colonial monument in Bremen Central Station, yet over-written collectively to redistribute and allow participation as opposed to the static and dominating quality of the mosaic mural monument. I held multiple workshops, the most recent of which involved recordings of seven conversations by the participants.

I want to use these pieces as well for inter-local, trans-regional dialogue, I intend to pursue what I call a counter archive in Helsinki and record more conversations to disrupt what Sylvia Wynter calls the “genre of the human”.

Aria Farajnezhad’s residency is realised in collaboration with Künstlerhaus Bremen.