Anu Pennanen

Anu Pennanen is Finnish-born filmmaker and visual artist based in Berlin. She began making films in 2002 after working in the artist collective Lyrical and often sensorial, her works show people marginalized economically, socially and politically, and transform subtly their experiences through the use of fiction. Her films have been shown in such venues as Liverpool Biennial; MOMA New York; Ars Baltica Triennial; Frankfurter Kunstverein; Centre Pompidou; CCA Glasgow; Te Tuhi New Zealand and Kiasma Helsinki. Since 2012 Anu works with author and artist Stéphane Querrec, notably on “Dropped here”, for which she is in postproduction at HIAP.

At HIAP I will edit my new film “Dropped here”, with lead actor Korkmaz Arslan. The story of a refugee who escapes from abandoned Tempelhof airport, turned into emergency shelters, and who lingers in the streets of Berlin until complete disappearance. Made invisible, the character conveys out-loud his ordeal while traversing the margins of the city.

Formal and topical issues such as the marrying of the theatrical and the documentary, the articulation of inner monologue and public space, presenting a marginalized person as the protagonist of a fiction film, will be discussed publicly with local peers, professionals and the audience.