Anneli Päivärinta

Anneli Päivärinta (b. 1992) is an illustrator and comic artist based in Malmö, Sweden.

In her practice Anneli often works intuitively and views her process as an intentional scavenger hunt not knowing what she will find. Her themes originate from autobiographical experiences and balances between heavy, dark atmospheres, identity and the humorous.

Anneli mainly works traditionally with gouache and aquarelle but often mixes medium and materials. As a part of her process she always carries a sketchbook and paintbrushes in her bag. To write and draw has become a way for her to understand and process what happens in both the inner and outer world.

During my stay in Suomenlinna I’ll be working on a project currently named Home. My intention is to concretize the project further, outline a structure and of course create. I’ll also use my time to really seize the environment and the people I’ll be meeting. I believe that it’s in the meeting with other people that my project will become more clear. For me the location is of great significance since I have Finnish roots and my project revolves around the question ”What is home?”. It’ll be very interesting to dive deeply in to this project and also involve other people. I’m curios to see what people have in common, what differs, and how inner and outer perspectives affect the thought about what a home is.

Anneli Päivärinta’s residency is realised in collaboration with CUNE Comics-in-Residence Programme.