Anna Ihle

Work ethics, time management and work motivation are themes Anna Ihle explores, from a Nordic protestant perspective, both through manual work and conversations.

Since graduating Konstfack in Stockholm, group shows include «Open House» at Konsthall C, «Hardware» at Art Lab Gnesta, «Precarious: On the Aesthetics and Ethics of New Labour» at The Museum of Work (Norrköping) and “The Poetics of Pressure and Flow” (2022) at Västerås Art Museum in Sweden, and solo shows in Norway at Fotogalleriet, RAM Gallery and Podium in Oslo. Ihle has attended the Jan Van Eyck Academie, and collaborates with artist Addoley Dzegede for «Ask Addoley + Anna», in advice-podcast-format.

During the summer months at HIAP Suomenlinna I will be wood carving. While wood carving, I will be talking to the people I meet about work culture and cleaning. Wood work tends to leave a trail, saw dust, wood chips. How does dirt and tidiness relate to practicalities of time management and community? In what ways is tidiness – and lack of it – gendered? Messiness can be linked to poor mental health and to bad parenting. It can also be sign of genius.

My interest in cleaning is a continuation of my work “Pauses of saliva and milk, bodies of water” (2021), where a tree, my body and my newborn, dictated my (chain saw) work schedule.

Anna Ihle’s residency is realised with support from the Nordic Culture Point.