Anita Delaney

Anita Delaney (b. 1978)
Irish, currently based between Dublin and London.

Anita Delaney works mainly in moving image and is interested in an aesthetic of the pathetic. By this she means a certain sensibility balanced between the failed, the humourous and the abject.

While on residency at HIAP she will be making moving image work around Finnish actress Maila Nurmi’s 1950’s TV hostess character Vampira. Vampira’s mix of camp, gothic sexuality was a reaction to the perceived moral and financial austerity of the times. Delaney will be exploring how this carefully mixed aesthetic may serve as an alternative strategy for living in the contemporary moment.

Anita Delaney is in residence at HIAP in the frame of the exchange programme between HIAP and TBG+S – Temple Bar Gallery + Studios in Dublin.