Angelika Li

Angelika Li, co-founder of PF25 cultural projects, bridges Hong Kong and Basel, initiating exchanges and dialogues between international communities. Her research on diaspora and identities underlies the ‘Homeland in Transit’ series, launched in Basel in 2019, now in its 11th edition (2024), across Berlin, Freiburg, Murrhardt, Zurich, Zollikon, and Ishigaki.

Recent curation includes Isaac Chong Wai’s ‘Difference/Indifference’ (2022) at Basler Münster; ‘Brice Marden: Inner Space’ public program, Kunstmuseum Basel (2022); Ellen Pau’s ‘Speculative Generations of Flora Zero’ (2023); Dorothee Sauter’s ‘Tumbling through Time’ (2024); Hedy Leung’s ‘Menhir Tapestry 1’ (2023), RadioX ARTS Festival; and ‘Ethno-Botanic Resonance’ (2024), London Met University.

As part of my ongoing research journey for ‘Homeland in Transit’, I will engage with the local community in Helsinki to explore their views and experiences on how history and languages intertwine with notions of identity and belonging. Transitioning from discussions on hydrological cycles to concepts of disappearance, the current focus of the project centres on the process of healing. Given Finland’s vast natural resources, I aim to understand perceptions of nature’s healing power and to research local artists’ practices, perspectives and works related to this topic.