Ane V.

Ane V. (b. 1988) grew up between the mountains and the ocean north of the arctic circle in Norway but have been living in Umeå, Northern Sweden for many years. Growing up in the DIY-punk scene this working class trans person learned that a lot more was possible than once taught. From making punk-zines came an interest in making auto-biographical stories into comics where dialogue, relations and the nature plays a big part and how fascism, repression, colonialism and transphobia plays a part of our lives as well as love, revolt and resistance. All on a personal level. Ane V. graduated the first year of the international comic school in Malmö 2015 and is now working on an auto-biographical graphic novel about suicide, grief, survival and being trans.

“The political is personal. The personal is political. I’m stuck in reality and can’t get out of here. Sometimes the longing for the midnight sun and the mountains is immense, sometimes the best thing in the world is hanging out on the street after a punk show.”

In Helsinki Ane V. will continue working on their graphic novel.
The residency is realised in collaboration with The Finnish Comics Society.