Andrey Bogush

Andrey Bogush (*1987) probes the unstable nature of image production by transferring digital images onto various analogue materials. Often taking photographs from their personal archive and from resources online, they develop pictorial compositions using digital manipulation and CGI technology. Manifesting these works from computer screen to exhibition space, their work often results in highly sculptural forms. Images are printed onto industrial vinyl curtains, and placed onto walls, floors and ceilings. Their works have been performed and exhibited at Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki, NRW Forum, Düsseldorf, The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, PS120, Berlin, Titanik gallery, Turku, SIC gallery, Helsinki, TATE Modern, London, Taidehalli, Helsinki, Chelsea Art Museum, New-York, and internationally. Their works have been published in Foam Magazine, Artforum, Objectiv Magazine, British Journal of Photography and elsewhere.

During my 11 month residency, I will perform ‘I DONT NEED YOU I NEED A BOAT‘ and ‘we will have only a future tense‘ projects creating partial objects and situations in the studio and on the island. Beyond that I will work on the series of jugs, curtains, images and diagrams, and conduct a research on pleasures, necessities and flesh. What interests me now is the experience of the desire for the impossible as in fictions, dreams and deliriums.

Andrey Bogush is on an 11-month residency on Suomenlinna as part of the HIAP Residency Programme for Finnish or Finland-based artists an other art professionals.