Ana Loureiro

Ana Loureiro is a visual artist living and working in Vienna. She studied Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto University and attended the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna during her last graduation semester.
For an extensive period of time, Loureiro’s artistic practice focused on the analysis of the relationship between spaces and their inner memories. Nowadays, the artist started to approach in her artworks subjects related to the complexity of communication and consequently presents the creation of her own codes to convey different ideas.
Her projects have been presented in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Belgium and Portugal.

During the HIAP residency, I would like to focus on the topic memory of the space. Although memory is an internal process, it might need external references to be stimulated and activated. In this sense, places where complex events took place, visual and non-visual representations or even smells can serve as possible references for memories activation. The Cable Factory is a space that is rich in history and in constant mutation. It will be very interesting to dig into its roots and collective memories, as well resort to materials that are part of its identity to create the artworks.

Ana Loureiro’s residency is realised in collaboration with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport (BMKOES).