Amanda McDonald Crowley

Amanda McDonald Crowley is a cultural worker and curator specialised in creating contemporary art events, exhibitions and programs that encourage cross-disciplinary practice, collaboration and exchange. Her research practice is situated at the intersection of art, culture, technology, science and social change. Thematically, her current research interests include art, technology and food; the environment and sustainability; as well as urban culture. She is committed to supporting artists and creative technologists to develop new work in open environments and providing spaces for collaboration and innovation. McDonald Crowley is interested in building platforms where all participants – artists and audiences – feel empowered to contribute, and not just consume culture.

During her residency, McDonald Crowley will focus on her current curatorial research project ArtTechFood. She has also been invited by Pixelache to contribute to their Food-Info-Activism research and program theme for 2013, as well as the event Foodycle that Pixelache is realising in collaboration with Ruoan tulevaisuus. She will also participate in Field_Notes, a project of the Finnish Bioart Society, which includes a research retreat in Kilpisjärvi and a conference in Helsinki.