Alvaro Ugarte

Alvaro Ugarte (1984, MX) is a visual artist interested in analyzing mental structures and social behaviors. His artistic practice often begins as social experiences by staging scenarios or situations to function as devices of engagement between members of a given community. Consequently, the material outcomes, which are often unpredictable due to the nature of the actions and its collective dimensions, may take the form of sculptures, installations, performances or videos.

We (Alvaro Ugarte and Lisa Sudhibhasilp) started working together in Mexico, not on any specific project, but trying to understand our common interests and how they could merge into potential collaborative works. We have started for instance a visual dialogue where we respond to each other with images from our daily life. This is something we would like to explore more during this time together in Helsinki. We could imagine gathering these images, together with text as a starting point to proposing a collaborative statement/manifesto for our joined practices.