Aleksi Kraama

Aleksi Kraama (born 1983 in Tampere, Finland, previous name Aleksi Linnamaa) is an artist whose conceptual practice considers topological studies or better put place-studies with a huge emphasis on time and durations. He primarily works with site- specific projects with cinematic techniques as well as with incorporating sculptural elements. Kraama’s moving image works often includes architecture as a tool for storytelling. In one of his latest video works Parallel, the architecture of a controversial mining site in Finland is literally mediated through a ruin of an old farmhouse raising the poetical next political. Kraama’s works evoke kind of metaphysical character with quite documentary approaches. His artistic research draws towards both the diachronic and synchronic methods – through and without time.

Aleksi Kraama received an MFA from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in the department of Time and Space. He has studied photography in Bezalel University of Art and Design in Jerusalem. Kraama received a BA from Light and Sound Design from the Finnish Theater Academy. His work has been the subject of several national and international exhibitions including Startpoint, Prize for Emerging Artists; Dox, Center for Contemporary Art, Prague; City of Dreams, Mänttä Art Festival XIX, Mänttä; and Expanded Photography, Gallery Forum Box, Helsinki. Kraama’s works are in the collections of the Finnish State Art Collection among others. Recently, Kraama participated in an artist-in-residency programme in International Studio and Curatorial Program (ISCP) in New York.

Aleksi Kraama’s residency takes place at The Nordic Art Association (NKF), Stockholm as part of the international residency exchange programme.