ALEK O., born in Buenos Aires (1981), lives and works in Milan, IT and London, UK.

What do we do when we remember anything? We remember a part of it, we remember “the story”. This story, of course, can not be complete – we lack the means, memory and attention, but mainly, a complete story would be redundant. So what? We remember some parts of it- the highlights, those phrases that can sum up a whole person, a city or a moment in life… And if the summary is not correct? The question does not arise: the summary is “always” correct, for the simple reason that we exclude and forget whatever could deny it. What do we do when we remember anything? We get it square.

In her work, Alek O. often takes a particularly significant object of her personal or family history and makes the effort to destroy it by craft procedures, in order to reduce it to some regularity that ennobles it. She tries to give an image to memories.

During her residency in Helsinki, she collected several lost gloves on the streets of the city. Following theorder of finding, she then unravelled and embroidered their threads on to canvas. The result is a composition of rows in chronological order of the discoveries.