Airi Triisberg

Airi Triisberg is an independent curator, writer and educator based in Tallinn. She is interested in the overlapping fields between political activism and contemporary art practices, issues related to gender and sexualities, illness/health and dis/abilities, self-organisation and collective care practices, struggles against precarious working conditions. Her recent projects includethe book Art Workers – Material Conditions and Labour Struggles in Contemporary Art Practice (2015), co-published with Minna Henriksson and Erik Krikortz, Get Well Soon! (2015), an exhibition articulating historical and contemporary moments when the experiences of living with illness or disability have been politicized in order to express social critique.

I am working on a research project that focuses on documenting and conceptualising feminist politics in Eastern Europe. It includes interviews with feminist organisers who are active in social movements, and also work in the intersection of knowledge production, art and culture. The research aims to make room for a multiplicity of voices and perspectives and will be publicised in the form of a book.