Agata Marzecova

Agata Marzecova is a researcher in ecology, photography and new media. Working at the intersection of environmental science, art and theory, her research interest extends from exploring historical changes in the environment to investigating shifts in environmental perception. Her installation project ‘Vernacular geology’ was exhibited in The Baltic Pavilion in Venice (2016) and The Baltic Material Assemblies in (2018). With Hanna Husberg, Agata has initiated ‘Towards atmospheric care’, a collaborative and cross-disciplinary project which explores the overlapping boundaries between aesthetic, science and politics of air and the atmosphere. Their art-led and research-based practice seeks to develop a multiplicity of outcomes that allow sharing the problematics of air across different platforms, context and audiences, such as installation, essays, lecture-performances, dialogue and teaching.

During HIAP Residency, I will work on ‘From Aurora to Geospace’, an art-led research project developed in collaboration with the artist Hanna Husberg. By focusing on near-Earth space and the ionospheric radar infrastructures located in northern Sweden, Norway and Finland, ‘From Aurora to Geospace’ explores how historical interest in visible atmospheric phenomena, such as the aurora borealis, contributed to the uncovering of invisible processes and phenomena that are made perceptible only with the help of geoscience. Rather than observing atmospheric phenomena as such, the project explores instruments, historical circumstances, events and ideas which make the atmosphere visible and which contribute to the construction of novel atmospheric imaginaries and sensibilities. While at HIAP, I will be processing audiovisual and research material collected earlier in 2018-2019 and, in collaboration with Hanna, develop an audiovisual installation and catalogue that will provide an overview of our research process.

Agata Marzecova’s residency is realised with support from the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture by Nordic Culture Point.