Adwait Singh

Adwait Singh is an independent curator and art theorist based out of New Delhi. His works frequently weave in and out of areas of inquiry such as subjectivity formation, gender and sexuality, posthumanism, contemporary technogenesis and ecofeminism. Shortly after completing his education at Goldsmiths, he seized the opportunity to be part of the Students’ Biennale (Kochi, 2016) as a curator and has since conceptualised different art projects and workshops for/with students from various art colleges and universities in the country (College of Art Delhi, Shiv Nadar University, and Banaras Hindu University) for the biennale. Almost simultaneously, he joined the editorial team of TAKE on Art magazine, the leading publication on contemporary art in the Southeast Asian region. Recent curations include the exhibition ‘G/rove’ (Feb, 2017) at Latitude 28 that examined the mythopoetic imperative of non-anthropocentric modalities of planet sharing, and an upcoming exhibition investigating the notion of a body-based historiography at the Shrine Empire Gallery (New Delhi, 2018).

During the HIAP residency, I hope to identify a set of local practitioners engaged with new ways of thinking about ecology, towards their possible inclusion in my upcoming curatorial project which investigates emergent eco-feminist strains, especially the renewed interest in the practice of witchcraft, Neopaganism, as well as the alternative knowledge systems common to various indigenous societies. —Adwait