Anastasia Ryabova

Anastasia Ryabova is a Moscow based artist, teacher and researcher. She is an initiator of exhibitions, publishing and educational projects, author of critical essays on contemporary art and architecture. Anastasia is the founder and builder of unplanned Star Road (2013 – ), initiator and editor of the brochure about city and political math Problem Book (2013), author of the Artists’ Private Collections archive (2010 – ), curator of the exhibition False Calculations Presidium (2012), co-creators of e-shop (2009), co-founder Night Movement (2015 – ), and participant of the exhibition action >10 (2013).

Anastasia Ryabova has been invited for a residency at HIAP via the Residency Fellow Programme at the Academy of Fine Arts funded by the Saastamoinen Foundation. Residency is implemented in co-operation with HIAP.

Anastasia is conducting the seminar “Very well-being” at Kuvataideakatemia as part of her residency at HIAP.