Resident Profile Form

This information will be used for communication purposes, and to create a public resident profile on the HIAP website. You can check other residents’ profiles at and

Please fill in the “Title” field your full name (or artist name). This will be the public name shown at the resident profile. Additionally, please fill in all the fields marked with *.

Please note that the submitted image(s) should be in a landscape orientation.

** Please note that sometimes sending the form does not work, therefore we suggest you save your text in another location before clicking ‘Submit’. If the form is sent successfully, you will see a ‘Thank you’ message in the end. **

Returning residents: please contact HIAP at for any updates to your existing resident profile.

- Include a 100-word bio about yourself (limit it to 100 words)
- Write the bio in the 3rd person
- You can include details about your education and practice, or about themes/ideas in your work
- Make your bio something people can view in the future, not something that is relevant just now
- This short bio will remain on HIAP’s website after your residency

- Include a 100-word description of your work plan for HIAP
- Write about your plans in the 1st person
- 4–5 sentences about: WHAT you want to do, HOW you want to do it, and WHY you think it is interesting/relevant
- In addition to the HIAP website, this information will be shared on social media (Facebook and Instagram), to introduce yourself to the local/international scene

If needed, you can select several countries from the list.

Please provide 3–5 keywords, that would describe your practice. Please separate your keywords with a comma.

Your HIAP residency period.

- You can submit 1–5 images (hi-res, max 2MB, min 1200 x 800, landscape orientation)
For image captions:
- If your image is a photo of the artwork itself only, use "Artist Name, Work Title, Year"
- If it's a photo of the artwork in a context or part of it, use "Artist Name, Work Title (Description, for example: installation view, film still, production image, etc), Year. Photo by Photographer Name"
- If it's something else, provide a sentence to describe the image


You can add up to 3 links, for example for your website or for a social media channel. Please use the full URL including “http://“ or “https://“ (e.g. for your links.