HIAP Residencies in Suomenlinna & Cable Factory - BACKUP

The HIAP residency programme offers time and support for developing new work in dialogue with the local art scene. The goal is to offer space for experimental, cross-disciplinary art practices and to actively contribute to topical debates within and around the context of art.

The HIAP team and supporting curators help the residents with their research as well as practical everyday matters. The Open Studios event towards the end of the residency is an opportunity to present the work-in-progress for art professionals and general public.

The residency durations are 3 months (international residencies), 11 months (local residencies) and 1 month (curator residencies). The residencies are arranged with numerous partner organisations and the residents are chosen via open calls or by invitation.

For international residents the programme offers an apartment and working space, travel costs and a working grant. The local residents are provided an apartment and a working space.

The HIAP residency venues are located on Suomenlinna island and in Cable Factory in Helsinki. Suomenlinna island is a 15 minute ferry ride away from Market Square in central Helsinki.


HIAP has three main residency seasons:

  • Winter season: January-March
  • Spring season: mid-April to mid-July
  • Autumn season: mid-August to mid-November

The Open Studios event takes place towards the end of each season – in late March, June and October. The Open Studios are prepared in dialogue with the HIAP team and the supporting curators. In each residency season an invited supporting curator meets up with the residents 3-4 times during their stay. Participation in the Open Studios is not obligatory.


The main venues of HIAP are located on Suomenlinna island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located a 15-minute ferry ride away from the centre of Helsinki. HIAP Gallery Augusta is a venue for exhibitions, events and open studio events. The residency spaces are located in the Palmstierna studio complex, which consists of 9 residencial units (5 atelier apartments and 4 regular apartments) and one workspace for artists.

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HIAP has three residency studios at the Cable Factory cultural complex. With over five hectares of floor space, Cable Factory is the largest cultural structure in Helsinki, containing dozens of studios for artists, architects, designers and musicians, as well as museums, art schools, dance and publishing companies and other cultural institutions, non-profit organizations and commercial enterprises.

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