Open Calls

Residency Exchange in Tokyo Arts and Space (Japan) and SeMa Nanji (South Korea)

The Finnish Cultural Foundation residency programme

The Finnish Cultural Foundation welcomes applications from Finnish artists for residencies in Hôtel Chevillon in France, SeMA Nanji Residency in Seoul, South Korea, Tokyo Arts and Space in Japan, O Espaço do Tempo in Portugal, Artspace in Australia, Institute for Provocation in China and Triangle in USA.

HIAP acts in an advisory role in the development of the residency programme and is a partner in residency exhanges with Tokyo Arts and Space and SeMA NANJI.Via this open call The Finnish Cultural Foundation awards 3-month residencies at Tokyo Arts and Space and SeMA NANJI:

  • Tokyo Arts and Space (formerly Tokyo Wondersite): one working grant for a Finnish visual artist or an artist duo for a 3-month residency in September-November 2019.
  • SeMA NANJI (Seoul): one working grant for a Finnish visual artist for a 3-month residency in April-June 2019.

The artists selected for a residency in Tokyo Arts and Space and SeMA NANJI will receive a working grant of 2000 € per month and 1000 € for covering travel costs. Full details on all available residencies can be found on The Finnish Cultural Foundation’s website.

Applications are sent through The Finnish Cultural Foundation’s online grant application system. The application period is 10.-31.8.2018. Please see the Finnish Cultural Foundation’s website for further information and application guidelines.

About the residencies

Tokyo Arts and Space (TOKAS) is a creative and communications platform dedicated to the generation and promotion of new art and culture from the heart of Tokyo. Based in TOKAS Hongo and TOKAS Residency, Tokyo Arts and Space supports and nurtures young talent in all fields as well as takes a role as a hub in a global cultural network of affiliated cultural facilities in Japan and abroad, and at once a platform for both new talents and internationally active creators to exchange and showcase their works. TOKAS Residency has opened in late 2014, offering the opportunity for creative individuals from all genres and nationalities to pursue their respective work in a shared process.

SeMA NANJI Residency (SNR) is a Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA) affiliate. Founded in 2006, SNR aims to support artists from around the world over various fields of the visual arts for their creative work. Located in the beautiful Worldcup Park along Seoul’s Han River, the tranquil environment inspires residents within the city boundary. SNR is valued for providing artists a closer networking with both local and international communities through its strategic location of being near Seoul’s most thriving art sector. SeMA Nanji Residency organizes exhibitions such as the NANJI ART SHOW and Art Critic Workshop, and runs other programs designed to enhance exhibitions and research capability. It also operates the International Artist Exchange Program to utilize international residency network and multiply exchanges, and hosts lectures and Mentoring Program, in which art experts from Korea and other countries are invited to participate.

Finnish Cultural Foundation, in collaboration with HIAP, has offered residency opportunities for Finnish artists at TOKAS and SNR since 2017. Previous Finnish residents selected for the residency are Elina Juopperi (SeMA Nanji 2018), Jonna Kina (Tokyo Arts and Space 2018), Simo Kellokumpu (Tokyo Arts and Space 2017) and Heikki Kaski (SeMA NANJI 2017).

HIAP’s residency exchanges

HIAP has several international residency exchange programmes that enable Finnish artists and curators to have residencies abroad, as well as offers residencies in Finland for artists and curators worldwide. The aim of the exchanges is to offer dialogue, collaboration and networking opportunities and to foster mutually beneficial cultural interaction between the participating countries and regions. More information about HIAP’s residency exchange programmes.