Open Calls

Nordic & Baltic Collaboration Residency Programme

Deadline for Applications: 25 June 2013

Nordic & Baltic Collaboration Residency Programme supports emerging connections and collaborations between art professionals across the Nordic and Baltic region.

HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme invites artists and curators from the Nordic and Baltic countries to develop dialogue and collaborative projects with other art professionals or practitioners from other disciplines in joint residencies. The projects may be based on initial concepts that call for interdisciplinary research and co-operation, or on existing connections between practitioners who are looking for an opportunity to realize new collective work.

The programme builds on the particular potential of residencies to bring practitioners together, and to foster their dialogue and project development. It recognizes and sets out to activate the potential of novel informal networks and collective practices within the Nordic and Baltic region, which arise out of the international circulation and individual encounters of artists, curators and critics. The programme responds to an increasing interest and need in the field of contemporary art to build new contacts and collaborations across both regional and disciplinary boundaries.

The participants in the residency programme will be offered a stipendium to cover the living costs, travel budget including return travel to Helsinki, and research and production support (negotiable). HIAP offers with its residency facilities not only space and time for concentrated research and production, but also curatorial support and mediation, as well as both local and international networks for the residents. Moreover, the residents can benefit from and participate in the other discursive programme at HIAP, which carries within it a strong focus on research, collaboration and interdisciplinarity.

The residencies will take place from October to December 2013 and during the year 2014.

The programme is supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers, and encourages collaboration between artists, curators and professionals based in the following countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.

Please specify in the application: all the joint applicants (who will be in residency and how many rooms required), motivation, and work proposal (initial concept or project plan). All supporting material to be provided electronically (CV, bio, website, etc.).