Open Calls

Lighthouse Residency

Lighthouse connects new developments in arts, culture and technology. Based in Brighton, it supports, connects and shares new works of art, film, music, design and other new forms of creativity, that explore the social, cultural, political, environmental and economic effects of new technologies on our lives. Lighthouse has worked with artists, makers  and thinkers such as Metahaven, Holly Herndon, Basia Lewandowska Cummings, Kuedo, Lars TCF Holdhus, Eleni Ikoniadou, Jananne al-Ani, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Hito Steyerl and Nathan Jurgenson.

For this residency, Lighthouse is looking for an artist who explores, challenges and shapes today’s connected world in new, critical and personal ways.

In 2015, one artist from Finland will be selected for a three-month residency at Lighthouse, Brighton. Lighthouse offers a working space for the artist and an opportunity to present his/her practise as part of Lighthouse’s programme of public events, such as screenings, performances or installations. The total budget for travel, living and accommodation costs is 7400 €. The budget for materials and other direct production costs is approximately 2500 €.

The residency in Brighton will take place in September-November, 2015.

The deadline for the applications is March 31, 2015. The results of the  selection process are communicated to all applicants in due time.
All applications of a professional standard submitted for the exchange programme are appropriately considered.

Incomplete applications or applications sent by post or e-mail without using the online application form will not be taken into consideration.

The results of the selection process are communicated to all applicants in due time.


Please note the following guidelines regarding the sending of additional material supporting your application:

–  It is advised that all the supporting material is stored online and can be downloaded via the use of hyperlinks, which are mentioned in the application. Please make sure that the links do not expire before you have received the decision of the Jury.

–  All image / video / sound samples should be stored and shared online. HIAP does not accept CDs or DVDs sent by post. It is advised to use platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc, so that downloading isn’t required to access the material.

Please note that due to the amount of materials received, HIAP is not able to  contact applicants upon receipt of each application, to address  individual inquiries regarding submitted proposals, or to comment  further upon the selection process. HIAP is unable to return or archive  any unsolicited material.