Open Calls

HIAP Internship 2020

HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme is looking for interns for the year 2020!

An internship at HIAP is an opportunity to encounter a broad range of international artists and curators, and to gain insight into the operations of an independent non-profit arts organisation.

The interns are involved in various activities such as:
– preparing the weekly get-togethers between staff and residents
– assisting in organising the HIAP Open Studios and other events
– supporting the resident artists & curators in their projects and hosting the residents during their stay in Helsinki

An internship at HIAP includes also various production, maintenance, administration and communication tasks related to the organisation’s projects and activities in all its three locations, Suomenlinna, Cable Factory and Villa Eläintarha.

The minimum internship time is 3 months, but we prefer a part-time internship of 4–5 months or longer. Financial support for the internship needs to be arranged via a school/university or the Erasmus programme. Alternatively, the possibility of support can be discussed with the Finnish Employment and Economic Development Office (TE-toimisto). An internship at HIAP is the equivalent of a work trial (työkokeilu). The work trial is a service offered and supported by the TE Office.

Internship periods:
Spring (approx Jan–June 2020)
Summer (approx May–Sept 2020)
Autumn (approx Aug 2020–Jan 2021)

The application deadline is Monday, 28 October 2019, 20:00 CET.