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Call & Response // Dialogue & Exchange

HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme and studio das weisse haus are pleased to announce the launch of their joint residency exchange programme entitled CALL & RESPONSE // DIALOGUE & EXCHANGE for two emerging curators based in Helsinki and Vienna. The focus of this initiative is to bring together two professionals who focus on similar issues in their curatorial practice, and are eager to develop a joint project in both cities.

The two participants are selected by a Call for Proposals. In the first step of the application process, curators based in Vienna applied with a proposal addressing potential collaborators in Helsinki for a joint project. The curator selected by the jury was Alexander Fleischmann, whose proposal can be downloaded here. In this call, we are inviting curators based in Helsinki to respond to Alexander’s proposal with a contribution to the outlined project. Please review the proposal and application guidelines carefully before applying via HIAP online application form.

The residency at HIAP for one Vienna based curator will take place between 09.08. – 09.09.2016. The residency at studio das weisse haus for one Helsinki based curator will be realised between 01.11. – 30.11.2016. Both participants must reside in Helsinki during the first session and in Vienna during the second session.


CALL & RESPONSE // DIALOGUE & EXCHANGE is dedicated to foster the dialogue between the selected participants during this exchange and to open a unique field of inspiration.

Divided into two sessions – one based in Helsinki in August 2016 and the other one in Vienna in November 2016 – the programme is designed to lay the ground for a collaborative project by encouraging the selected curators to share their professional experience and knowledge, in order to develop a joint practice. To enable the envisioned type of collaboration both participants must reside in Helsinki during the first session and in Vienna during the second session.

At the end of each residency the outcome of this curatorial collaboration will be introduced to a wider audience in the context of a public event. The mode of presentation can be chosen by the participants in coordination with the hosts – may it be a talk, a symposium, a workshop, a lecture performance, an exhibition or any other form of presentation.

Moreover, the partnership with the master programme CuMMA (Curating, Managing and Mediating Art) at Aalto University Helsinki as well as the post-graduate course /ecm (educating, curating and managing) at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, enables both candidates to discuss their curatorial practice within the framework of these two programmes and to foster their network.


Drawing from the aforementioned vision, the focus of this programme will be upon bringing together curators who deal with the same topical issues.

HIAP and studio das weisse haus are especially interested in curatorial projects that

  • focus on a critical practice beyond the traditional format of the art exhibition.
  • aim to explore ways for people to engage and interact with art.
  • start from a point of collaboration aiming to learn from each other.
  • reflect on the outcomes of the collaboration.



The residence programme CALL & RESPONSE // DIALOGUE & EXCHANGE seeks to function as platform for two emerging curators based in Helsinki and Vienna, in order to develop a collaborative project. Therefore participants will be involved in the application process, which is carried out in two steps.

In March 2016, Curators based in Vienna applied at studio das weisse haus with a proposaladdressing curators based in Helsinki to work together on the outlined project. From among the submissions received Alexander Fleischmann’s application has been selected.

Curators based in Helsinki who would like to be considered as participants respond to the proposal by Alexander Fleischmann and submit their contribution to HIAP. One collaborator from Helsinki will be chosen from all submissions.

The deadline for the applications for curators based in Finland is May 22, 2016 (11:59pm, GMT +2).



The selection process will be carried out in three steps based on the following criteria:

  • Project quality
  • Suitability to the general objectives of HIAP and studio das weisse haus, and the specific theme of this initiative
  • Technical feasibility and clarity
  • Willingness to collaborate with others in the project development

Step 1

On April 18, 2016 the jury – including Alexandra Grausam (studio das weisse haus), Juha Huuskonen (HIAP), Beatrice Jaschke (/ecm), Nora Sternfeld (CuMMA) – unanimously voted for Alexander Fleischmann. His Call for Proposal addressing potential collaborators is now being announced by HIAP.

Step 2

Together with Alexander Fleischmann the jury will select up to six contributions submitted by the collaborators from Helsinki on June 2, 2016.

Step 3

After a Skype meeting with the six candidates from Helsinki Alexander Fleischmann will select his collaboration partner. The final decision will be announced on June 10, 2016 and all applicants will be notified of the decision by e-mail.

This years jury members are

  • Alexander Fleischmann, Researcher at the Institute for Gender and Diversity in Organizations, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business
  • Alexandra Grausam, Director of das weisse haus and studio das weisse haus
  • Juha Huuskonen, Director of HIAP
  • Beatrice Jaschke, Co-Director of /ecm
  • Nora Sternfeld, Professor of CuMMA



  • Both curatorial residencies include a grant for living expenses (EUR 800,–), a one-time contribution to travel costs (EUR 200,–), studio accommodation, residency services and administrative support. HIAP and studio das weisse haus will both offer practical assistance, networking support and a critical context for the residents’ curatorial practice.
  • The local curator in the respective city will be provided with a working space and a monthly allowance (EUR 400,–) for developing the project together with the Curator in Residence.
  • By the end of each residence period a public event will be carried out by the participants and hosted by one of the partner institutions in the respective city, in order to present the outcome of the collaborative project.



All applications of a professional standard submitted for the exchange programme will be considered.

Incomplete applications or applications sent by post or e-mail without using the online application form will not be taken into consideration.


Please note the following guidelines regarding the sending of additional material supporting your application:

– It is advised that all the supporting material is stored online and can be downloaded via the use of hyperlinks, which are mentioned in the application. Please make sure that the links do not expire before you have received the decision of the Jury.

– All image / video / sound samples should be stored and shared online. HIAP does not accept CDs or DVDs sent by post. It is advised to use tools such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc, so that downloading isn’t required to access the material.

Please note that due to the amount of materials received, HIAP is not able to contact applicants upon receipt of each application, to address individual inquiries regarding submitted proposals, or to comment further upon the selection process. HIAP is unable to return or archive any unsolicited material.