Open Calls

HIAP Residency Programme / 1-2 month residencies

HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme invites artists, curators and other art practitioners to apply for residencies in Suomenlinna for the year 2023. The HIAP Residency Programme focuses on visual art but is open for art professionals from other disciplines as well. The programme offers time and support for developing new work in dialogue with the local art scene. The residency time can be used for open-ended research and experimentation, without the requirement to produce a finalised piece of work.

The 1-2 month residencies take place at HIAP Suomenlinna residency apartments which are 30 sqm each, furnished, and include a  kitchenette and a bathroom. The apartments can house up to two people at a time. Please note that there is no separate working space in the apartment, and it’s not suitable for working on large-scale pieces. Please note that pets are not allowed in the apartments.

The 1-2 month residencies can be applied by artists, curators and other art practitioners. The residency does not involve financial obligations or support (the resident does not have to pay a fee to HIAP, and there is no working grant, travel funding or production budget from HIAP).

The available residency periods for 1-2 month residencies are:
– April, May, June, August, September and October 2023

More information about the residency programme and the facilities is available here: