23 May 2017


Juha Huuskonen

HIAP trip to Tallinn

A couple of weeks ago, HIAP staff & residents & associates made a day trip to Tallinn. We visited Kumu and were introduced to Anu Põder’s retrospective exhibition by the curator Rebeka Põldsam. We also visited EKKM to meet the staff as well as Dénes Farkas and Ingrid Ruudi, the artist & curator of the current exhibition ‘How-to-calm-yourself-after-seeing-a-dead-body Techniques’.

Finally we also popped into Lugemik, a book store and publishing initiative next door to EKKM. We also enjoyed local cuisine very much, and are planning to make the Tallinn trip an annual tradition!

Below are some photos from the trip by Sergio Urbina.

Anu Põder’s retrospective at Kumu:

Heading over to EKKM:


And to Lugemik book store: