30 Aug 2016


Juha Huuskonen

HIAP Finland – Russia Exchange coordinated by Miina Hujala and Arttu Merimaa

Artist-curators Miina Hujala and Arttu Merimaa have been appointed as coordinators of HIAP Finland – Russia exchange programme Connecting Points. The exchange activities consist of curatorial visits, residencies and exhibitions, some of which are also connected to the programme of Alkovi, an art space in the Kallio district in Helsinki that is also run by Hujala and Merimaa.

Connecting Points explores the interrelations and specific aspects of different sites and locations, while understanding the necessity to establish connections between the various ‘microclimates’ that are formed in different surroundings (cities, neighbourhoods, scenes, spaces). A location can provide a source for action and commitment but also provide a setting from which to reach new and intense as well as profound and enduring connections. Connecting Points also aims at strengthening the collegial and curatorial activity in Finland and in Russia.

This year Moscow-based artist Irina Korina has been invited to take part in the programme by doing a residency in HIAP and making an exhibition in Alkovi. The exhibition will open at the end of October.

In the year 2016 the programme includes also a project ‘In-common’  / Что-то общее, taking place in a library in the suburb of Saint Petersburg between 29 August – 24 September. The project is a collaboration with art historian and curator Andrey Shabanov, who has organised exhibitions in this local library during summer-time from 2014. Artists Crystal Bennes, Tanja Koponen and Mikko Kuorinki were invited to take part by presenting each a work in this context. More information about the project can be found here: http://alkovi.linnake.net/

Connecting Points is supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The exhibition In-common has received support from Kone Foundation.