12 Dec 2018


Videojamit May 2008 with introduction by Eeva-Mari Haikala

The following persons show their videos on Videojamit:


HIAP invites artists, art students and anyone who has a passion for the moving image as an art form to participate in Videojamit – the open video jam sessions in Cable Factory. In Videojamit the artists have a possibility to show their latest video pieces, be they finished works, first drafts or works-in-progress, to colleagues and public in a relaxed and informal setting.

The event will be opened by Eeva-Mari Haikala who will present some of her video works. After that the screen is open for everyone.

HIAP will prepare the space with a video projector, DVD-player (PAL) and a Mac computer.

Eeva-Mari Haikala

Eeva-Mari Haikala (b. 1974 in Lappeenranta, Finland) has graduated from the Fine Arts Department of the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. Haikala is a versatile artist who uses the means of video art in various ways concentrating especially on the tradition of performance art. She currently lives and works in Helsinki.