7 Dec 2018


Videojamit April 2008

The following people screened their video work at Videojamit April 2008: Juhana Silander, Miro Soares, Noora Ojala, Lou Galopa, Sandra Mann, Markus Renvall, Mikko Kuorinki and Lauri Luhta

HIAP invites artists, art students and anyone who has a passion for the moving image as an art form to participate in Videojamit – the open video jam sessions in Cable Factory. In Videojamit the artists have a possibility to show their latest video pieces, be they finished works, first drafts or works-in-progress, to colleagues and public in a relaxed and informal setting.

The event will be opened by Mikko Kuorinki. Current artists in residence at HIAP, Lou Galopa (FRA) and Sandra Mann (DE) is also participating in the event. After that the screen is open for everyone.

HIAP will prepare the space with a video projector, DVD-player (PAL) and a Mac computer.

Mikko Kuorinki

Mikko Kuorinki is currently working on his MA degree at the University of Art and Design Helsinki, Department of Fine Arts. Kuorinki is working within a wide range of practices including video, installation and photography. He also has a background in the Finnish underground music scene (Munuaissymposium 1960, Chamellows).

At Videojamit Kuorinki will present his videoworks “Nine questions” (2004) and “Vagrant and other works” (2007).