24 Dec 2018


Under the influence – Marathon of Cult Films Made in Mexico

Friday October 26, 5-11 pm

Under the Influence responds to our interest to explore the importance and influence of Mexican cultural diversity as an inspirational trigger within cinematography and the arts in the international level. The programme consists of a one-day screening of a three films selection that combine thoughtful and symbolic aesthetics while introducing Mexican cultural elements as their raw materials. The selection arises from the works of three directors who represent different and key periods in Mexico’s film history, works that are seminal to the cinematographic frame, and were realized in Mexico.

Each of the selected films is conceived as a spiritual quest that reveals from different angles and in a variety of scales the dilemma of disconnecting ideals from their practical forms of realization. The unfeasible understanding of human nature transforms the cinematographic narrative into an indwelling reality, guiding the audience towards a critical confrontation of a fictional self-awareness. A call for reaction becomes the key for these quests. An attempt to locate us where the act of doing something follows the act of being – operari sequitur esse – or would it be better to say where the act of being can only be affirmed by the act of doing.

In Simon of the Desert (1965), by Luis Buñuel, the isolation of asceticism becomes an absurd form of self-negation as well as a mordacious critique towards morality. Alejandro Jodorowsky performs in The Holy Mountain (1973) the trickster that challenges and reveals the cracks and failures of idealisms. And with Japan (2002) Carlos Reygadas exposes human basic hopes, desires, and needs, confronting the spectator to the beautiful crudeness of their contradictions.

Under the Influence movie-screening programme is curated by David Muoz and Giovanna Esposito Yussif in collaboration with the Embassy of Mexico in Finland, HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme and CONACULTA-FONCA.


17:30 / Simon of the Desert (1965) by Luis Buñuel
18:30 / The Holy Mountain (1973) by Alejandro Jodorowsky
20:45 / Japan (2002) by Carlos Reygadas

You are warmly welcome to the screening on Friday, October 26, starting from 5 pm. It will take place at Gallery Augusta, located in Suomenlinna B28 (Susisaari), Helsinki.

Find building marked with number 28 from Suomenlinna Map: Link
Ferries from the Market Square leave for example at 16:40, 17:20 and 18:00.