3 Dec 2018



Friday, December 4th

Oh it will be Tonight again. But maybe not again. Year is over. All is over. Tonight is over. Only one night.Tonight. Friday. This Friday. Friday 4th. 4th of December. Come. Welcome and come. It might not come another chance. It is over. All is over. Sooner or later. Better sooner than too late. Tonight one more time. It will be late. Too late. But as late for all. Everybody will be as late. Come. Welcome. Friday December 2015 4th day of December Friday night until Saturday morning. From night until the morning. All night. Performance art indoors and outdoors but doors always open. Doors open one more night. Open. Open up. Now is the chance. Last chance. Chance to come to island or to stay at home. Many more nights to stay at home. Only one night to stay with Tonight. On the island. Welcome. Come. Come and then leave. Leave and go home. Never again. Never the night called Tonight.



Susanne Fjørtoft & Franzisca Siegrist (NO)

Lovisa Johansson (SE)

Anne-Liis Kogan (NO)

Antti-Juhani Manninen & Jouni Järvenpää (FI)

Christian Messier (CA)

Hiroko Tsuchimoto (JP/SE)

Erik Wijkström (SE)

Ferry from Market Square leaves at 23:20 and back from Suomenlinna at 6:00.